Following this appeal process, a journal found to no longer qualify for Cabells Predatory Reports will be removed. Please note that removal from Cabells Predatory Reports does, by no means, qualify a journal for Cabells Journalytics. Journals wishing to be included in Cabells Journalytics must follow the proper application procedures and are subject to additional review to confirm qualification.

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2 thoughts on “Predatory Report Appeals

  1. thank you for creating this useful website. Can you update new predatory journal list? It is very inmortant for me as a young journal editor to share with my peer/writers in order to avoid junk publication. I really hope you can publish the predatory list regulary as Proffesor Jeffrey has done.

    1. Hi Admar

      Many thanks for your comment. We update Predatory Reports constantly, and we agree it is very important for all Editors to be able to use. Due to the huge amount of work required to keep the list updated, we have to charge a subscription fee for people to access it. If you would like to recommend this to your institution’s library, please ask them to email us at and we can provide a quote for a subscription.

      Many thanks, Simon

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