Since late last year, Cabells has been working on developing new branding for our products that better embody our ideals of integrity and equality in academic publishing and society as a whole. We set out to ensure that the changes represent a total departure from the symbolism inextricably tied to the idea of blacklists and whitelists. In support of, and in solidarity with, the fight against systemic racism that our country is facing, Cabells is implementing brand-wide language changes, effective immediately. The changes implemented today represent only a fraction of those that we will be launching in 2020, but it is an important start.

Users may experience temporary outages as the changes roll out, but normal operations should resume quickly. Customer access will function identically as before the changes, but look for the term “Journalytics” in place of “whitelist” and “Predatory Reports” in place of “blacklist.”

Please contact Mike Bisaccio at or (409) 767-8506 with any questions or for additional information.

Cabells thanks the entire community for their support of this effort.

The Cabells Team

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6 thoughts on “Announcement regarding brand-wide language changes, effective immediately

    1. Many thanks for your query. While it is not included in Cabells Predatory Reports, it does look like it has some of the characteristics attributable to predatory journals. We will review the journal and confirm our findings in due course

    2. Hi Eleanor. This does look like a very low quality journal and they use misleading metrics (Cite Factor), but we don’t feel certain it is predatory because they do provide a link to the “impact factor” that they use and we didn’t find any other violations for the journal against our criteria. Therefore, we would say it is a poor journal with a couple of predatory features, but not enough to include in our Predatory Reports database. We would recommend choosing a better quality journal. Thanks, Simon

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